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Microsoft has announced that the MapPoint application will be cancelled by the end of the year 2014.


Microsoft stellt MapPoint zum Jahresende 2014 ein.


A micro HASP dongle is available for Scout. It is tailored for field or mobile use.

Contact your Motorola Solutions sales representative to get a quote for replacing your standard dongle.


When ordering a new Scout license, don't forget to define which key type you prefer, Standard Key or Micro Key. (Default is the Standard Key)



Ein micro HASP Dongle ist für Scout verfügbar. Maßgeschneidert für den mobilen Einsatz im Feld.

Kontaktieren sie Ihren Motorola Solutions Handelspartner für ein Angebot Ihren Standard Dongle zu ersetzten.


Bei der Bestellung eines neuen Scout, vergessen Sie nicht den von Ihnen gewünschten Dongle Typ festzulegen, Standard oder Micro. (Ohne Angaben wird Standard geliefert)

> Scout Setup
> Scout Update

> Scout Manual

> Scout Bedienungsanleitung

> Scout User Map Upgrade Guide

> Benutzerkarte Upgrade Anleitung


> HASP Dongle Driver

> Radio USB Driver  for the MTP3000/MTP6000 and MTM5000/MTM800FuG/MTM800S radio series


USB Data Cable for:

MTP3000, MTP6000


TETRA USB Data Cable

MTM5000, MTM800FuG, MTM800S


Using radios rear connector, check if applicable

USB Flash Cable


Serial Data Cable for:

MTM 700/800/800e 



MTP 800 Series/CEP400




When using Serial2USB converters the FTDI brand is strongly recommended.

They are tested thoroughly and proven stable and reliable for Scout use.

Other brands may lead to data loss data corruption while logging data.

> MTM 700/800/800e - Convert the Serial Data Cable GMKN1022 into USB (.pdf document)
> MTP 850/830 - Convert the Serial Data Cable PMKN4025 into USB (.pdf document)

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> Scout Preliminary